Top 8 Aircrafts of India with their efficiency and quality

Top 8 Aircrafts of India with their efficiency and qualityAs you all know a good fighter jet is the greatest priority of every air force of the world  and for that air force which has to be ready for action any time it is a major need . We are talking about none other than Indian air force. Indian air force is the 4th strongest air force in the world so its obvious that the fighter jets they are using are the very advanced and are capable to  protect its seas and its nation. Some of these air vehicles that India holds are as follows:-

Indian Aircrafts

Mikoyan MIG-21

source:- youtube #IAF’S OLDEST BEAST

MiG -21 is the one of the oldest aircraft used by the Indian air force and this aircraft was introduced by Mikoyan on 14th of Feb 1959 which was bought by India from USSR in 1963. some of these aircrafts were bought directly from USSR and some of them were assembled and were built by an Indian company HAL by licensing. About 657 fighters were made in India. Also MIG-21 is the third largest produced aircraft in the world after McDonnell douglas and general dynamic’s f-16 fighting Falcon. MiG -21 till date has been inducted by at least 60 countries of 4 continents in there fleet.  Still Some of these aircraft are being used by the Indian air force and will be retired by 2022 and will be replaced by  HAL’s  TEJAS aircraft.

Mikoyan MIG-27

source :- youtube #2ND DEADLIEST KILLER

Other than mig-21  another Mikoyan aircraft   that was in use by Indian air force was mig-27 aircraft . There is some information that says that these aircrafts has been retired in the year 2018 and has/will be replaced by HAL TEJAS.


source :-youtube #WILL SERVE INDIA TILL 2030

•Basically the origin of this aircraft is from France and Uk these countries worked together in its production. This aircraft has been used by UK, France , oman and Indian air force till date . Jaguar is being upgraded by india with modern Avionics and Radars to improve its abilities . This aircraft will be retired by indian air force by 2030. this aircraft was introduced in the year 1973 and was retired by France’s air force in the year 2005 also UK has retired these aircrafts in 2007 and Oman retired them in 2014, whereas india is upgrading these aircrafts and all the 145 sepecat jaguar fighter planes will be upgraded by 2020.

Mirage 2000


Mirage 2000 is a multirole aircraft and is one of the best aircraft in this category . This fighter plane was bought by india from france in the year 1982. this fighter plane has already played a key role in 1999’s kargil war. Mirage -2000 has showed its stronger side recently by attacking jaish-e-mohammad  training camps and killing 300+ terrorist in pakistan territory . 12 Mirage -2000 successfully completed there mission with great precision . India has successfully completed its upgradation and can be used till 2030 now . Mirage -2000 has been upgraded on mirage2000-5 mk2 standards due to which these fighters are now operational in night also  and can perform night stealth i.e can successfully complete its mission without being noticed. India ‘s  fighter aircraft mirage-2000 is a deadly beast and can be retired by 2030.                                                   


source:-youtube: viral reads

Rather than all the four aircrafts Indian air force also uses MIG-29 fighter aircrafts , which was purchased by India from Russia in 1980 and with this deal India become the first international customer to purchase MIG-29 aircrafts. These aircrafts are providing there service to IAF since 1985 and these fighters along with mirage-2000 played  a key role in the Kargil war. These aircrafts has been upgraded to MIG-29 UPG standards. These aircrafts will be used by both Indian air force and Indian navy by 2030.


source:- youtube

•After purchasing all these five aircrafts from other countries India tried to  develop its own fighter aircraft known as HAL TEJAS. This aircrafts is developed by Indian company HAL and this aircraft is capable of becoming a 4++ gen fighter aircraft of the India. Though this aircraft is still facing several problems and is under its development phase but it has the capability to become the backbone of Indian air force . Till date there are about 21 TEJAS that are developed  along with prototypes and other fighter are in production line. Beside form TEJAS  base variant other TEJAS variants  are TEJAS MK-1, TEJAS MK-1A, TEJAS MK-2. these aircrafts are facing only one problem i.e. engines efforts are continuously being made to resolve this problem as soon as possible and will be inducted in the Indian fleet


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SUKHOI SU-30MKI is India’s most advanced  fighter aircrafts and has dominated the Indian skies. There is no doubt about the efficiency and capabilities of this aircraft . Due to presence of this aircraft Indian skies are so secured. SU-30MKI is one of the best 4th gen aircraft and according to reports after the upgradation process it will become 4++ gen aircraft and will be known as super SUKHOI which are similar to SU-35 . India purchased this beast from Russia in 2000 and till now there are about 240 SUKHOI  inducted in the Indian fleet till now . According to a report all the SUKHOI aircrafts will be UPgraded to SUPER SUKHOI till 2000 and then India will have almost 314 SUPER SUKHOI aircrafts . The biggest ability of this aircraft is that it can fire cruise missile which makes this beast world’s first aircraft to fire cruise missile. On 22nd nov 2017 India successfully  tested  world’s fastest cruise missile BRAHMOS which was launched through this aircraft i.e. SU-30 MKI also it will be capable to fire NIRBHAY MISSILE which is a long range cruise missile.


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One of the newest aircraft which will join the Indian air fleet is the DASSAULT RAFALE although there are various controversies going on about the 36 RAFALE deal with France in which UPI(congress) govt is calming that there is a scam in the purchase of 36 RAFALE deal but reports are saying that the delivery of this beast will start form September 2019 and will be inducted in the IAF. Due to its induction in the Indian fleet our skies will be more secured . It is the most advanced 4.5 gen aircraft with better , speed and accuracy and radar system . According to reports all the 36 RAFALES will be delivered by 2022.


Other than these aircrafts India could also induct the following aircrafts in its fleet:- i.Russia’s MIKOYAN MIG-35. ii.America’s LOCKHEED MARTIN F-35, GENERAL DYNAMICS F-16 and MCDONNELL DOUGLAS F/A-18. iii.SWEDEN’S SAAB GRIFFIN . iv.EUROPE’S EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON.

Other than these aircraft two 5th gen aircrafts will also be inducted in the Indian fleet which are  Russia and India’s joint venture SUKHOI HAL FGFA AND HAL’S INDIAN  fighter aircraft AMCA. 



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