Top superbikes of the world that you ever dreamed of riding.

Some of these bikes are so awesome and powerful that they have setted some top milestones in the world. The companies that are involved in there production are some of the most renowned and creative companies . They improve the design and performance of there machines every year. Following are some of the top super bikes of 2019 in the world.

7.YAMAHA YZF-R1 one of the top bikes


With this bike victory is guaranteed you will lose your competition in no time it was built by the Japanese company Yamaha. Who is recognised for the good performance of their bikes in world championships. The YZF-r1 has taken the official Yamaha team to four world endurance championships from international motorcycle federation. Taking the gold medal in the last season 2016 to 2017 this model has also won three times in a row the Suzuka competition in 2015,2016 and 2017. the 2018 version of this winning motorcycle is valued at about twenty four thousand and eight hundred dollars it is powered by a compact four-cylinder engine magnesium tires and a new aluminium delta box chassis specifically designed to provide the highest level of precision and performance thanks to aerodynamic studies Yamaha engineers have managed to create a design that allows 8% less aerodynamic resistance making it run at a speed of 186 MPH.

top speed 186MPH

Provides 8% less aerodynamics


This is the fastest sports bike from Honda till date. The quality of this model has been refined since 1996 and its finish is simply exceptional the super blackbird was named in honour of the Lockheed SR-71 which was a fighter plane that had several speed records and was nick named the blackbird with an aluminium structure and powerful 1137 cubic centimetre engine the blackbird can fly at a maximum speed of 190MPH. It weights 491 pounds and with its 23 litre tank it is able to travel up to 180 miles without stopping this series was discontinued in 2005.Top speed 190MPHThis series was discontinued in 2005


These bikes were built by the California lightning motorcycles brand especially to break speeding records as its  name implies. It is capable of reaching 218 MPH. This was put to the test when it was challenged at the Bonneville Salts Flats in 2011. To achieve this feet this elegant  machine had a liquid cooling engine with 200 hp in 2014 the company began delivering  its commercial units for this the  brand choose the best components such as Ohlin’s FG RT forks marchesini magnesium tyres and brembo radial front brakes in addition it has a battery capable of going up to 180 miles with 120 minutes of charging. This electric super bike has a total weight of 495 pounds. The starting price of this topster is $38888 available in six different colours.

Top speed 218 MPH and has 200 hp

This electric superbike costs about $38888

4. BMW S 1000 RR

BMW S 1000 RR

The German manufacturer of high-end motorcycles BMW stands at the 5 position of the world’s fastest super bikes with the s 1000 rr which is their fastest  motorcycle yet made it has a linear four-cylinder optimized engine with 999 cubic centi metres and up to 195.8 hp horsepower in July 2018 this bike was piloted by Aaron sills in uni lake in Bolivia. Aaron reached the speed of 242 MPH which represents the fastest speed recorded for a BMW motorcycle this model was created in the year 2009 to compete in the superbike world championship. A year later this model entered commercial production and now you can buy it personalised from BMW starting at 18390$It has 195.8hp i.e. 999ccTop speed 322km/h (242MPH)Manufacturer: BMW



This is the fastest legal turbine bikes in the world and the craziest of this top the MAD MAX is powered by a rolls-royce helicopter with 542 horsepower. ZEFF EISENBERG is the creative mastermind behind the  MAD MAX for its creation he and his team worked hard on research and development for four years the creation of the MAD MAX made a large 509645 dollars investment ZEFF is a winner in 2015 he won  the Guinness world record for the fastest turbine motor cycle with 226MPH. Subsequently he achieved the world land speed record at 234MPH with that same motorcycle which had a rolls-royce Augusta C 20 W 109 helicopter engine. The record of this passionate about speed was put to the test in 2016 when he was trying to break his own record  and crashed at Ellington airfield York shire due to the magnitude of the accident he was presumed dead and transferred flown to get medical attention fortunately he  survived  with eleven broken bones pouch, In 2018 ZEFF managed to reach a speed of 243 miles per  hour with the MAD MAX and broke all his previous marks. His perseverance did pay off.  Top speed 243 MPHHolds the Guinness worlds record for fastest turbine bike .


This humble ninja will take you by surprise because of its speed. It has a multi tubular chassis offering better rigidity and heat diffusion enough to hold the Kawasaki manufactured engine. This engine has a four-stroke 4-cylinder liquid cooled engine. The Kawasaki electronic damper has been developed hand-in-hand with the Swedish Ohlin’s. The ninja h2r is black to go unnoticed in front of its opponents it can go as fast as 249MPH. This was shown by Kawasaki’s team 38 in the mythical Bonneville’s speed week inn 2016. Japanese driver Shakira Yamashita in his fourth and final attempt managed to reach this impressive speed. this is a real feat for the Japanese brand. You can buy the 2018 model at a price of $55,000 . •Top speed 249MPHHas four stroke 4cylinder liquid cooled engine This bike costs about $55,000


source: wikipedia .com

This motorcycle doesn’t only stand out because it’s visually  attractive but also because it is the most powerful of our top it was presented by the American DODGE cars in 2003 at the North American international motor show where it attracted the press and the industry for its amazing design. It has a 10 cylinder engine a capacity up to eight point three litres of fuel and a powerful 500 horsepower although many have tried  no other bike has been able to surpass its speed of 420 MPH. This monster is made up of aluminium and weighs no less than 1499 pounds a total of nine units were manufactured between 2003 and 2006 and their price is about $550,000.Has a powerful 10 cylinder engineTop speed 420MPHThis monster costs about 550,000.


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