expanding universe

Hello everyone have you ever wondered the sky that looks so dark and beautiful at night has various mysterious secrets hidden . Have you ever wondered why it looks so dark ? how it was formed? what is its composition etc also universe is expanding at a slow and steady rate. Well the answer to your question lies in this article hope you enjoy reading it.



The universe that we live in includes all the matter and energy that exists . It includes our mother earth and all the planets, stars, galaxies ,and all that they contain. The entire cosmos, from the smallest particles on Earth to the largest galaxies in space, in the universe.

 scientist believe that the universe we all know of may be one of a series  of many other universes.

They know very little about the size of the it but believe that it is trillions of light years across.


colourful universe

Its color was identified by astronomers at the Johns Hopkins University, United States. Initially, the color was thought to be greenish-white but later it was confirmed as beige.


It is composed of dark energy and dark matter. It consists of 73 per cent dark energy and 23 per cent dark matter. The remaining 4 per cent consists of atoms. The elemental composition of the it is around 78 per cent hydrogen and 20 per cent helium. The remaining 1 per cent is composed of other chemical elements.


Cosmology is the scientific study of the origin, development, and future of the universe. It also deals with physical and metaphysical means of sustenance of the universe. The word cosmology is derived from ‘cosmos’ meaning  universe and ‘logy’ meaning study.

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Multiverse is a hypothetical set of multiple possible universe. It includes our too along with everything that exists. inside multiverse there are present various parallel universes. The multiverse theory is a recently accepted theory of the formation of the universe. It states that the collapse of giant stars and formation of the black holes result in the continuous formation of the space.

Cosmic microwave background radiation

cosmic microwave background radiation

Astronomers have discovered the presence of various  types of radiation in the universe. Objects in space release X-ray, gamma rays, infrared rays, and electromagnetic radiation.

Cosmic microwave background radiation is also a form of electromagnetic radiation present in it . It was discovered by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson in 1965 , while its existence was first predicted by George Gamow in 1948 and by Ralph Alpher and Robert Hurman in 1950. Cosmic microwave background radiation is believed to be the best evidence for the Big Bang model of the it .

Observable world

observable universe

The observable universe is a part of the universe, which can be seen with the help of large telescopes. It has around 140 billion  galaxies  made up to  billion of  stars. According to inflationary cosmology, this observable little world is much smaller than the entire universe.

Dark energy and dark matter

Dark energy is gravitationally repulsive material that fills the entire space and acts against gravity . Dark energy increases the expansion of the universe by pushing the galaxies away from each other. Astronomers believe that 95 per cent of the mass of it consists of the dark matter. Dark matter is not visible to us because it emits no radiation and can be detected only by its gravitational pull on visible matter.

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